Distributors/dealers & stockiest

1. POLYCAB, HAVELLS, UNIVERSAL, FINECAB, FINOLEX, SPM 2 FORTUNE  ART: Aluminum / Copper armored and unarmored cable from 2.5 sq.mm to 400 sq.mm.


2. POLYCAB, HAVELLS, FINOLEX & FORTUNE ART: Multistand copper cable / Flexible multicare cable, shielded screen cable and telephone cable.


3. DENSON, M-SEAL: Jointing kit for 11 kv to 33 kv heat-shrinkable, push ON & epoxy type.


4. EXEC: Flameproof switchgear. Push button station and all kinds of lightings, fittings & fixture with ‘Z’ category as per IP 65 & clean room fitting.


5. HMI, VBI, CABLE GRIP, RAJAT: Single compression, double compression, flange type & flameproof cable glands & pvc PG glands (complete range).


6. SIEMENS, L&T, ABB, TC, & BCH: Power contactors, relays, switches, starter fuse unit & HRC fuse links (complete range with spare parts).


7. LEGRANS, HPL, SIEMENS, STANDARD, INDO ASIAN, ELEMECH, and HAVELLS: Switch fuse units change over switches, Distribution boards, MCCBs, MCBs, RCCBs.


8. CROMPTON, WIPRO, HAVELLS, and PHILIPS, FORTUNE ART: Lightings, commercial, Decorative Industrial fixtures, patty, tube lights, HPSV/ HPMV / MH fittings chokes & lamps.


9. DOWELLS, JAINSON. HMI: Aluminum / copper and Bi-Metric type cable lugs, ferrules, reducer pin type, ring type lugs, Crimping tools manually operated & hydraulic type.


10. CAPCO & L&T: Power capacitors bank for domestic & industrial uses, condensers.


11. ACB, OCB, VCB: Starter spare, carbon brushes for AC/DC motors& generators slip rings.


12. MECO, AE, EAPL, MOTWANE, RISHABH, WACO, SELEC: Panel mounting AC/DC meters digital tong tester / multimeter, KW  meter, frequency meter & prese instruments.


13. OMRAN & PLA RELAYS: Relays, relay base, solid state relay (SSR), diodes.


14. BUSSMANN, GE & SIEMENS: Semiconductor, thyristor, diodes & Ultra fast acting fuse links.


15. PROXIMITY SWITCHES & SYSTEM SENSORS: Inductive, capactive, optica, magnetic, ultrasonic, photo scanner & Full range of smoke detector, photo thermal heat detectors water flow detector.


16. KILBUNR, BENTEX, MEI & KEI: SD oil immersed starter, OCBs & regulators, AT starters and Kilburn, MEI/KEI, Essen, bentex complete spare parts.

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